Well here you are ready to do what is probably your first mod to your baby.  Well guess what . . . YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT ON A BOOST GAUGE FIRST.  But that's OK if you haven't.  You'll just be kicking yourself afterwards like I was when I didn't have a base line to compare to.  Since you're being a slacker I guess I could help you do it right so here it is.  Although I wrote this with the K&N FIPK in mind it should basically apply to all cone type filters, and will at least give you an idea of the type of mechanical work involved:



Installation Steps:

1. Move the coolant reservoir out of the way - not required but it helps to get it out of the way. I have heard some are bolted in. If it is, then don't worry about it.

2. Disconnect MAS electrical harness - The MAS is the 4" square to the right of the large air box. Be gentle but pull firmly and straight.

3. Release stock air box clamps - There are four marked by the red arrows.

4. Loosen the band clamp holding the MAS to the inlet hose - it is the silver thing to the right of the MAS.

5. Remove MAS/Air box combo from turbo inlet hose - Just set it aside.

6. Remove lower Air box section from car - There are three bolts holding it in, and you will have to separate it from the snorkel.

7. Remove snorkel - There are one or two bolts holding it in. Just pull it from the frame after removing them.

8. Separate MAS and Air box
9. Attach FIPK mounting adapter and brackets to MAS - If you have a 300GT FIPK then attach both brackets to the MAS. Only one will actually match to a bolt hole. . but the other is used to stabilize the MAS. If you have the newer Eclipse/Talon K&N then the brackets are different and you should have instructions on those, or be able to figure it out. Also don't tighten down the two bolts holding the clamps until you get the MAS in place. that way it will all light up right.

10. Re-attach MAS to turbo inlet hose and tighten band clamp - There is no need to do go nuts on the clamp. It isn't holding pressure and just needs to keep the MAS from vibrating off.

11. Attach bracket to body - Use one of the stock bolts to attach the one bracket, and put a piece of rubber under the other to prevent scratching the frame. At this point you can tighten the two bolts holding the brackets to the MAS.

12. Re-attach MAS electrical harness - Be sure it is secure and fully inserted.  
13. Install filter and tighten band clamp (Oil filter if needed) - As with the MAS. There is no need to get crazy tightening the clamp. Just tighten it enough to secure it.

14. Replace coolant reservoir

15. Check all connections and Start Car - If the car sputters and stumbles shut it down, connect the MAS electrical connector (or remove and replace it if you didn't actually forget to put it in). Next remove the yellow double fuse in the fuse box for about 30 seconds (since you are about to get a check engine light). Then restart. All should be well.  

As a bonus I'm including pictures of the honeycomb for those of you who haven't seen it yet on the 2g vehicles (or at all).