2g Waste Gate Solenoid Restriction Removal FAQ

This mod is really quite simple but I couldn't find good info on it in the archives so I had to go to IRC where I got an answer in about 1 minute. So the FAQ is: GO TO IRC . . . no just kidding . . . here it is:

1. Move the coolant reservoir out of the way and lay it somewhere in the engine compartment so it doesn't leak. You don't HAVE to do this but it just makes life easier.
2. Use a 10mm socket or open ended wrench to remove the nut holding the WGS to the frame.
3. Remove the electrical connection from the WGS.
4. Remove both hoses from the WGS.
5. Looking at the WGS you can see that the bottom hole is smaller. If you look even closer you can see that there is actually an insert in there which is making the opening smaller. can see that the bottom
6. You can use any number of tools to remove the restrictor: small needle nose, paper clip, wood/sheet metal screw, small screw driver, etc. The important thing is NOT to break it. The mod goes from free to $60 real fast DOH!! I used a sheet metal screw and medium needle nose. I threaded the screw into the hole until the restrictor started to turn. Then I turned and pulled the screw at the same time. This only got it halfway out before the screw slipped out. Then I used the pliers to pull it the rest of the way. This method seemed to work very well and never made me feel like I was about to break the WGS nipple. I even think I could put the restrictor back in, though why would I :)
7. Re-connect the hoses (hint: the one with the metal clip goes on the bottom:)
8. Re-connect the electrical connector (you'll only get 8-9 psi if you forget :o )
9. Re-attach the WGS to the frame
10. Replace the coolant reservoir
11. Close your hood :)
12. Have fun.