Relocate the front license plate
Description I think this only applies to the 97+ DSM's but I'm not sure. Basically all I did was to move the front plate inside the air scoop. The way I have it angled it doesn't block flow to the radiator and it only moderately effects cooling of the power steering system (I recommend removing the plate for AutoX). The great thing is that from 20+ feet away the plate is 95% visible. This means you "shouldn't" get hassled by the man since he'd be hard pressed to claim he can't see it. Of course, if you go the route I went, and also use a tinted plate cover, he will have an argument to make. So if you're really worried about cops stopping you, use a clear/no plate cover.
How-To All you need to do is some heavy gauge solid metal wire to thread through the holes in the plate and around the power steering cooling line. Whether or not you use a plate cover doesn't effect the mount. See the pictures for a better idea. It really is easy. Note: make sure whatever you use to attach the plate won't melt. I used those plastic wire ties first and they just melted off :O
Source Hardware store for the wire and almost anywhere for the plate cover
Cost $0 - $15 The biggest cost is the plate cover.