Relocating the Front License Plate

I had planned on removing my front plate, but seeing as how they drill holes in the bumper covers now, if you did, you would see the holes exposed. I was just going to leave the plate on until I had my racing stripes put on. One of the striped covered up the hole, so I decided to just leave the plate off. One night though, I got pulled over for having
my fog lights on in town. Luckily he didn't give me a ticket, or mention the fact the front plate was missing (it is a 200 dollar fine here) I decided to be safer than sorry and put it back on. After seeing what Alex did with his, I decided to do the same thing.

However, because of the different front bumpers on a Eclipse, if you do it like Alex did, the front plate will flap around and could scrape paint of the lower part of the bumper air scoop. So, what I did was after I used the wire to hook the plate to the power steering cooler lines, I used 2 self taping screws to screw the lower part of the plate to the black plastic air scoop. Now, the plate is still on, and it will not flap around at all. Besides that, it looks dang cool to!

Aaron T. Larson