Reference Material

Before you start performing modifications to your car you really should have decent grasp of the basic principles that govern how your car behaves. This makes sense when you think about it. Would you want a doctor operating on you without knowing how your body worked? So why would you start messing with your car before you know how it works?

Now I'm not talking about how to drive it, although you may not know as much as you think (I don't). I'm talking about knowing how and why a certain modification effects the performance and the handling of the car. The following reference material will provide you with this information. So go on . . . relax . . . kick off your shoes . . . put your seat back . . . lean back and just enjoy the melodies . . . after all, music soothes even the savage beast.

I would like make something perfectly clear. Most of this stuff is not created by me. I commented to another member that I am trying to help the Club by putting all this information in one easy to find location, and was told something to the effect of: If I want to help the Club then create my own content. Well that makes a whole lot of sense. I have on occasion used my expertise to answer peoples questions when they fell within my realm of understanding. I have a degree in Chemistry/Material Science, and was a practicing Materials Engineer for three years before starting a career path change six months ago. However, when there is already an answer to a common question out there in the archives I see absolutely no point in recreating that information. That would waste my time as well as yours. Think of it this way: Rather than spending time re-inventing the wheel, I could actually invent something original. So if anyone has a problem with me compiling these resources . . . GET OVER IT. Since most of these will be links, and credit is being given, I would really like to see you try and tell me I'm not allowed to do this. I'm not making money doing this stuff, so you can't accuse me of monetary gain, and unless you are making money from it then you can't accuse me of causing Loss of Revenue.

Now that I'm done with that little rant, let's do a little learning. Because knowing is half the battle.