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Behold the newest addition to Club DSM . . . The 2g DSM Look Faster Mascot

So you wanna make your car look nice huh? Are you a Rice-Boy? If you are then I can't help you. However, here is a site which can: The Rice Boy Page.

Well you're still here so I can only assume that you want to follow the old Grand National motto of "Go Fast With Class." If so, you've come to the right place. The cosmetic mods listed here should will help you give your DSM that "something special" which makes it stand out in a crowd.

I will mainly be sticking to mods which are fairly cheap. So you won't find $1000 body kits. If you want those you can go searching in the magazines and on-line suppliers. Besides, IMHO, most of those body kits are just too Rice-Boyish. I mean for that amount of money you can be doing 12sec quarters easy.

There is no particular order to these mods other than when I thought of them while typing this. So here goes:


Club DSM License Plate Frame ($6)




Well this is pretty self explanatory. It let's people know that you are a member of the club and where they might find it. In conjunction with the frame I added a tinted plate cover. The best way to do this was to use double sided tape between the frame and the cover. I have had it like this for about 7 moths with no problems, and even if the tape started to "let go" you could always clean it up and reapply.




I'm not sure if these are still available but you can try e-mailing Jason "Froggy" Lanstra who was the original supplier. Like the DSM Racing sticker you could always get a blank frame and have it printed at a sign shop.






Clear Bumper Lights ($40)




These look really nice on the car and will give it that "different from the flock," look. At $40 I think these are not a bad deal, but I'm just more interested in performance stuff . That is the only reason I don't have them.




The only place I know of that has these is Speedster Racing. If you find other vendors please let me know